Christopher Jason Wetherell (Just "Chris" to most.)
I'm currently living in San Francisco, CA
Email: chris [-AT-] massless [-DOT-] org
Twitter: twitter.com/cw
Facebook: facebook.com/chrisw
Google: google.com/profiles/chrisw

Things people should know if I'm injured.

Blood type: AB positive

The day job...

Currently working as Founder and CEO of Avocado. Was co-founder of Thing Labs. Started Brizzly.com. Started Google Reader. Oregonian expatriate in California because I need the sun to live.

The thoughts and ideas expressed here are formed entirely of my own opinion and are not representations of the policies or attitudes of whichever team I am leading or work for unless expressly stated as such. There's other places I can talk about work.

I also find time for...

I've made a short film, "Hung" - about a man who seems pretty sick.

I've also made some indiepop / shoegazer / electropop music with some friends.
  1. Citizens Here and Abroad
  2. Dealership
I've also made soundtracks to a couple of short films.
(My IMDB Profile)
  1. Crosswalk
  2. The Point of Boxes