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View Source in Mozilla, Existential athletic team names, and I whine about my good fortune. Someone, please slap me.

A post in the Mozillazine talkback claims that View Source in Mozilla 0.9.8 displays code from pages on the network and not from pages in the cache. That would explain why it's slower than I'd like. :) I wonder if that's the behavior of the Back button as well...

The cutest thing: a couple of weeks ago I was in Comp USA. Checked referrer logs later that day. Awesome young one had celeb-spotted me (as drummer) in the store then blogged about it. Favorably. Yes, I'm as shocked as you. I guess I have to start dressing up for going to the store. :)

3rd down and The Unresolvable Distance Between Heart and Mind to go... I think athletic teams should have names a bit more existential. Imagine facing the Waukeegan Dispossessed. Now that's scary.

Posted at January 23, 2002 02:09 AM
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