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Joel and I might be the same person, Kenneth Lay and (gulp) masturbation, and some serious ass-kissing to Ernie.

I think... I'll need proof going forward that Joel Spoelsky and I are not the same person. Go have fun reading his latest article, Rub a Dub Dub, where Joel describes the haphazard development, and subsequent redesign, of his product FogBUGZ. His experience (including the refactoring details) is nearly identical to the experience I had with the development of [Product X] (which I can't name here). Spooky.


This Satirewire article is pretty funny and well worth visiting for, if nothing else, the table of what world leaders would have called -uh- "the act." Onan's act, that is. My favorite? Julius Ceasar: Rendering unto me what's mine. :) Ha!

The one I want to add (though not a world leader): Kenneth Lay: Tendering his resignation.


Apparently, Ernie got the check yesterday. I guess you were right, E, the bank will cash a Kogepan-designed money order. :)

To those not in the know: Ernie runs a weblog. It's called little. yellow. different. And he mentioned Massless yesterday. In a nice way.

Now, though we've never met, I've been a fan of Ernie's site for some time, even despite the nice things he's said recently. :) Which leads me to list the top five things I like about Ernie's site:

  1. All the randomized elements. For instance, the "five favorites" script. Everyone gets a moment. Leads the user to the big list without taking up real estate. Cool. Also: the slogans. The funny, funny slogans.
  2. The "Dexter/Ernie" icon. Coolest caricature ever.
  3. In the archives: Ernie imagines a scene from an Amish "adult" video. (Suitable for work. Any subsequent nightmares you may have, however, are not the responsibility of either the author nor myself.)
  4. In the archives: Fantasy sequence; his mother's weblog. "ERRR-NIE!!!!!!! WHEN YOU HAVE GIRLFRIEND???"
  5. The creation of a little. yellow. different vernacular. Which invariably leads every poster in the comments section to call Ernie some variant of the word "bitch." (See also, bi-yatch, biiitch, b-bitch, baaaatch)
And here I was, jealous of Ernie's ease with language, effortless humor, and super-retro Windows desktop. Just goes to show...

I'm sure Ernie's re-design will be outstanding. Besides, why stress? It's not like the internet community even knows about his site. It's not like he's being scrutinized or anything. By thousands of visitors a day. Or by awards sites. Or additionally by, like, the entire weblog world. (I can see the posts now: "What? It doesn't validate as XHTML?" or "Hey, his javascript doesn't work on Mozilla! WTF?" or "He hasn't created his own CMS yet!? By Kottke's Fiery Blood, Ernie must not love the web the way we do! Melee - warblog style! Quick, fellow webloggers, roll for initiative!")

Ah, she is a silky mistress...Ms. Quid Pro Quo. Employed by the Mutual Admiration Society, Ms. Quo excels in the scratching of backs. Mr. Hsiung scratches my back. I scratch his. And no visible money changed hands. this what it feels like to be in politics? Or, perhaps more appropriately and actually within my experience, high school? :)

Posted at January 24, 2002 02:16 PM
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