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A winter's truth.

It's the dead of winter. Or what passes for winter in California, at least.

Throughout every winter life here generally becomes stark and a bit colorless and, so, each year I am inspired, like many others, to temper the churning swirl of self-improvement and desire and engage in the quiet and simple contemplation of our existence.

The longer I live, the greater the wisdom I gain from the increasing amount of mistakes I make. I, the small flickering candle, endure the wind that is time. As do you. And for these efforts we are all rewarded with a chance: to learn, to profit from knowledge, and to teach.

So, today, a summation. I have a pearl of great price plucked from the depts of a hard but rich life, from thievery, from vagary, and from grace and it is this knowledge, this truth, which it is time to pass to others. There have been missteps, lies, grief, and pain, but this one thing has been extracted from my jagged life, and I am grateful.

It is this:

The two funniest words in the English language are "pee" and "poo."

Posted at February 4, 2002 02:12 AM
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