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The life of a modern musician: a week of noisepop. "Pleading the fifth."

the life of a modern musician: a week of noisepop.

Sunny winter, dirty van.
We're all starting to get a little nervous about Sunday. At rehearsal. New space. We tack up rugs, mats, anything to reduce the echo in the space. It's hard to hear anything over the reverberations from the bass drum. I try and play much more quietly, but it defeats the idea of rehearsing, generally, if we're not practicing the exertion that'll occur during the performance.

We decide on a set list. And looking over it, I realize that, in interviews, no one's asked about the thing I've always wanted to say. (Not that they would know to ask.) So I'll finally get it out here and then I won't just shout it out during an interview:

When writing Tetsuo, I was building from the harmonic foundation of "Our House," that famous Madness song from the 80s. Good artists steal, I hear. I loved that song, so I transcribed the chords, then altered the rhythmic emphasis and prosody. Why not go grab your guitar, slow down the verses in Tetsuo, then have a friend sing the verses to "Our House"... (C,Gm,Dm,Fm)

Jane says we need more rehearsals. And she's totally right. There's some sort of Noisepop get-together at the Hemlock on Tuesday. We all picture the same funny scenario - an orientation meeting, complete with name tags, coupon books, and credit card solicitations. Operators are standing by, waiting to see if you want either the Noise or the Pop designs on your checks and statements...

12:30am. Throw myself into work later. Get a chuckle from old articles on XSL, particularly XSL Considered Harmful from 1999. "XSL is a great danger to a major objective of XML," it was said. It's easy to laugh with the benefit of hindsight, but it takes my mind off of the imminent flopsweat I'll produce on Sunday.

Kidding. We're going to be great. I'm going to be great. (repeat as necessary) Now if you don't mind, I'm going to slam a fifth of vodka [read:frangelico] and sleep with the light on.
G' night.

Posted at February 26, 2002 02:49 AM
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"The life of a modern musician: a week of noisepop. "Ding.""