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PBS, J'accuse!

Saw Egg: The Arts Show recently. Caught an interview with the balding, grim faced man who portrays/channels the nightclub crooner Glyn Styler (I'm paraphrasing here): "It's like young Barbra Streisand. What's that about? It's the story of someone who is ugly, lonely, and unloved. I know that story."

Later: "It's about getting rid of the Glyn Styler part. The unloved, desperate part. Performing as Glyn Styler allows me to live outside of an institution."

So then, what does this say, this exculpation, about the artist who performs as a happy, orgiastic dervish? About the part of a person that the ecstatic sort of artist might need to expiate in order to live in this world?

I wanted to throw my oh-so-yuppie glass of Syrah at the screen.

Even television accuses me!

PBS, J'accuse!


Something Thicker

i heard you
this skin
cracks and bleeds
too easily; next season
i'll have
something thicker.

Posted at March 18, 2002 02:16 PM
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