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The number of programmers groking weblogs seems to be increasing at an arithmetic rate.

[Interjecting: I'm in L.A. on Monday, April 15th for an all ages show with Dealership @ Fais Do Do. My life in asynchronicity: I'm offline just after receiving some nice emails. Damn. Back Tues. Definitely will respond then.]

Maybe you didn't know...but I like programming in my spare time. As well as by vocation. So I also like to read other programmers' weblogs. In addition to the programmers listed at right, I've also been into the following:

A mostly Lisp weblog by John Wiseman:


Mozilla Programmers' Weblogs:
Confession of a Mozillian
Shake N' Blake
Scott Collins' Journal (not so much a weblog as a task journal)

MS Programmers' Weblogs:
Winterdom (maintains the VC++ MVP FAQ)
Sam Gentile (passionate about .NET)

DotNetCentric (also re-focusing on .NET)

Linux: (starting out with Linux? really, really useful)

Also I like reading articles by musicians who happen to be programmers. For example:

Making Enhanced CDs (by Rose Marchak from Poster Children, who are playing with Fugazi in Boston next week!)

Oh, and on a personal note...

Seeing movies alone: Like being a smoker. The knowledgable head-nod to others. "You too, huh?"

Isn't that funny. Keep doing that. Always burying the lead...

Posted at April 12, 2002 02:55 PM
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