Making stuff as a founder of Avocado. Former music-maker. Tuna melt advocate. Started Google Reader. (But smarter people made it great.)

Another revolution: Mine. Packaged as a whiskey and soda.
Yeah, it's that time again. Massless (est. 05/30/70)
Striving today to be better than my limbic reptilian brain. *checks* Damn. Failing. :)

My "since" of the world is a bit twisted today. As in: "I don't feel older since the last time this date happened." So to capture the celebratory mood that's been playing an excellent game of duck and cover lately, I'm posting as a cocktail.

Whiskey & Soda

Whiskey first. As the need for reliability and the potential for damage and loss during use of the programs I'm working on increase due to complexity, I'm reminded of the failure of the Banqiao and Shimantan dams in China. (Death toll estimates vary from 80,000 to 230,000) Damn. Just as a warning, mind you. Programatically speaking, everything has been on the trolley, generally. I just have to remember to crawl before tethering four tiers of weather balloons to the old aluminum chair.

So...duh! Recently wandered into Bottom of the Hill. Saw Mario, he of From Bubblegum to Sky. Went out of my way to trowel some exquisite sunshine up into his skirt. Urgh. Fandom is never taken seriously.

It's just that...maybe Hello Hello Hi is one of the best pop songs ever written. Who's to say?

Posted at May 30, 2002 02:45 AM
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