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Join the dark side. Go see The Vanishing.

Feeling moody, dark, in the mood for nihilistic destruction ... and yet ready to dance the night away?

If you're not doing anything should go see The Vanishing at Bottom of the Hill (SF, California). Arrive early and dress like the death disco prince or princess you've dreamed you always were. I recommend them highly.

The Vanishing: What happens when dark matter meets your ears. Lean back amidst the crowd and reel to an explosion sonified. Super fun! You - yes,you in the front - you might be an extra in a Faint video - though a bit grainier, like the victim of an old Corman vampire flick - or maybe you're just an indie gawker blinking from the lightning in your head and reeling from the thunder on the stage. You can't resist, you're just the Audience Sub to their Rockstar Dom.

What else were you going to do this Saturday? Code? The discriminating nerd traces UML in the air while watching beautiful people doing beautiful things while wearing lots and lots of black.

Posted at June 1, 2002 07:26 PM
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