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A Short Note Regarding Video Games

A Short Note Regarding Video Games

Sometimes the boss at the end of a video game represents Death, or at least Change which is in a way the death of self, and sometimes the boss' desire to destroy the entire world is all Desire (and therefore Suffering). Sometimes, though, the boss' desire to bring endless darkness is an object itself - a representation of the endless cycle of birth, love, yearning, trials, and of life's inevitable decay all reduced to a single ultimate event.

In these interpretations, the hero's dilemma is not only to conquer the boss but conquer fear of the boss, as well as confront the source of their own suffering which is sometimes Fear and sometimes Desire - as well as their own death. By conquering Fear, Desire and Death, the hero can step off the wheel of life and be enlightened.

Sometimes, though, a bull-headed zombie with swords for fangs is just that - and you should react accordingly.

Posted at June 10, 2002 01:16 AM
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