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It was a dork and stormy night - Pictures of the Mozilla 1.0 Party.

Massless as LiveJournal: I not only use Mozilla 1.0 as my primary browser, but additionally as my excuse to be social. Which is to say that I went to the Mozilla 1.0 Release Party in S.F. with Matt and Scott. Where I met some digerati. Where Scott and I waxed commiserative about each other's layoff survivor roles.

I took pictures. I like them. What do you think?

Massless: The Mozilla 1.0 Party.

(not pictured is the funny Merlin Mann, he of Kung Fu Grippe - who also has some Moz party pics)

Also...since I'm name dropping... I think Rebecca Blood, whom I met at The Moz Party, writes posts the way Jakob Gimpel played Liszt. Which is to say, not with disregard for artistry, craft, and excellence.

And I'm not just saying that because she danced with me.

Posted at June 19, 2002 01:59 AM
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