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The police visit my apartment as my web activities mark me as a illicit drug maker (sort of)

The police just paid me a kind visit.

They looked at me and kind of laughed. They said someone had called them to report suspected pot-growing activity.

Um, here?

Yes, in my apartment. They still smiled and seemed increasingly incredulous.

Well, guys, you're welcome to come in and see. Can I ask how come you'd think that?

Well, they got an anonymous tip. Because I come in at all hours of the night. And because my power meter's going really fast. Which could mean that I'm using pot-growing equipment.

Wow, said I. Fascinating. I do run a website from my computer which could use quite a bit of power... Sometimes the site gets really heavy traffic. It's because of that Hobbit Name Generator.

Whuh? - Oh, yeah, says one of the amused gendarme, I think I've been there.

Anyway, say They, It's fine - don't worry about it. We don't need to come in. Take care.

I laugh and go back inside...


They had big silver stars on their lapels. Not gold.
They didn't come in even after an invitation.
They said a neighbor called in. Anonymously. But how would they know it was a neighbor if it was anonymous?

Everything is probably fine. Occam's Razor and all that. Still -

Posted at June 26, 2002 07:40 PM
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