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Previval n. A artistic movement redux, that is, like, happening way too early.

Like, if you're just now starting a band with a 90s Northwest/Seattle-Hype/Anything-But-Compromise sound. C'mon. You're jumpin' the gun, Cobain. Refrain.

"Previval" was just coined by my friend A_ while were listening to Romania - a Duran Duran clone who were getting started...around 1995. (I'm sure others have "coined" previval as well; just let it drop.) And I blogged it via AirPort and can I just say -the ease of use of that network transport is rather nice.

"Jumping the gun?" Ouch. I'm usually not that insensitive. Mea culpa. I'm very, very tired.

Posted at July 16, 2002 10:01 PM
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