Making stuff as a founder of Avocado. Former music-maker. Tuna melt advocate. Started Google Reader. (But smarter people made it great.)

We build fortresses, not castles in clouds.

My lips are bloody
From kissing the balustrade
of the fortress
that dreamed me.

Building songs and building software. There are so many connection points. Build! Build! Build!

Which suggests I'll be aggregating some tech links today. Yes - Sure - ...

But I just wanted to say how lucky I've been recently to have received gifts from the Dealership Army.

  • Beautiful pictures from Sean who actually bothered to take a few of the drummer :) (And ones that I like)
  • An excellent mix tape from hoshipanda & the boy. (How did you know? Two weeks ago, I was driving to work shouting "there. is. no. love. in. this. world. any. more." Sad, though it at least affirms a belief that love is possible. A good starting point, I think.)
  • Ivy's breakdown of Dealership vis-a-vis The Beatles.
  • Hugs all around. You know who you are.
And, of course...a mix CD from my Dad. From my Dad. Do you have any idea how cool that is to receive?

And here are some of the things passing through my filter this week:

Microsoft reports profit increase, plans to boost workforce. I know some of you need jobs...and are willing to relocate.

How to thrive as a developer among nondevelopers. Some managers don't recognize the significance of that one big application you wrote. They may say, "Well, you got one thing done during the review period."Heh.

A look at two authoring techniques for XSL style sheets "Consider using the pull model first." I agree. And I think it's a must-read for web developers working with XSLT.

Quality assurance: Does QA really assure quality? Short answer: Yes. The long answer is, of course, that good QA is difficult and needs to be well-planned. Also... I'm slowly becoming inured to provocative titles for tech articles.

Java on Mac OS X: Frequently Asked Questions The recently touted "Jaguar" release of Mac OS X has JDK 1.3.1_04. Massless has a TiBook. A recent purchase. And I have lots to say about it, later. Another nice tool for the box. And like Windows 2000, OS 10.1 seems like a place to have a fun and productive development environment. But I am using it mostly for music. In combination with Reason and MOTU. More later.

Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac OS X. Windows Terminal Client. From Mac to a Windows server. Haven't tested it yet.

Executing ASPX pages without a web server. "Because of the way the ASP libraries are written, this effectively requires either a couple of communicating but distinct assemblies or a strongly-named assembly in the Global Assembly Cache."

And an observation: However lightly or breathy - you snore when napping. Yes, you. Whoever you are reading this. Which is always endearing to someone. You just might not know it yet. :)

Posted at July 22, 2002 01:16 AM