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Sports: They bring people together.

Like many modern development houses, we have outsourcing teams in India. Two contractors are visiting.

THE BOSS:'s India's cricket team looking this year?

THE INDIANS: (who know what's coming) Pretty strong.

THE BOSS: So...who won last year in the Australian/Indian series?

THE INDIANS: (steely-eyed) Pretty sure it was Australia.

THE BOSS: Ah, yes...

THE BOSS: *sips water*

THE BOSS: *pauses*

THE BOSS, WHO IS AUSTRALIAN: (smiling like a dingo with a baby in its mouth) Actually, I quite knew that already.

Later - they all agreed to anticipating each team's smackdown of the U.K.

Sports: They bring people together.*

*Which has inspired me to create a series of posters depicting brutal U.S. football tackles, or hockey fights, or boxing matches and adding that phrase as an inline caption. If I only had time...

Posted at August 16, 2002 02:25 PM
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