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Yet another online Musee Mechanique photo gallery.

For a few more days San Francisco's wonderful Musee Mechanique remains nestled to the Pacific on a nub of rock near the Cliff House. In Sept. it moves to Pier 45 through 2004 while the Cliff House undergoes remodeling.

As ocean cliffside, coin-operated, wurlitzer-laden, whirlygig, ancient arcade/museum/entertainment halls go... the Musee is the best.

So...I took some pictures. Added some captions. And, feeling all victrola, jotted down a tiny turn-of-th'-cent'ry twirl.

We'll stamp to town
Whenever, wherever
And dance 'neath hazels spreading wide
And stir the leaves of eventide
And twirl and spin
'Til dew sets in
Oh won't you be my blushing bride?
W-wherever, whenever, forever.


Posted at August 30, 2002 09:53 AM
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