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A personal entry:

Had the most cathartic musical conversation I've ever had - while meeting Yoshi from The Aisler's Set. And our talk was generally banal in that "hey, you're in a band, too" kind of way that happens when musicians meet. (Mostly, because I'm a limited conversationist after a Pimm's Cup or two.)

However, we did talk about weightier issues, though at first it was the character, not the substance, which touched me. I mean there's a degree of understanding that was immediately easy for me to reach, in part because of the various parallels in our lives and artistic development. And, thanks to La Internet, he kind of knew a significant part of our own story already. During that brief talk we "happened" to talk about the personal investment in our bands.

"And," and then paused thoughtfully, "well, there's the sacrifice," he said quietly.

It was really brief - a tiny thing in crowded, noisy bar. I'm glad he talked to me. I think I needed that more than air.

"You should," he also said. Yes.

Posted at September 7, 2002 10:15 AM
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