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The beauty of Golublog.

Go read: Golublog: Life off the Rails
Synchronicity, I think...or BeAllYouCanBeQatsi (Life as Stella's Groove), if it were cinematic...

"...trying to prove to yourself and everybody else that you are willing to go all the way, pushing and pushing until the only way out of your current radicalization of the problem is back into the arms of the few friends you haven't chased away - or else out all the way into the zone, an embrace more permanent than you could have known in the moment when you made the frivolous decision to walk into it...

...The uncomplicated intensity of a life that wrings every last energy out of your being, the exhaustion mind, body, soul, throat raw and head throbbing, sleep the easiest thing now - it is not such a complex thing simply to live more than they tell you you can or should or ought...

...singing the line cleanly, growing the tone through the dotted quarter, keep the repeated d's from going flat, and then holding the minor second against the altos and then doing it again and again and again until you black out and your body does it for you, the rote movement of muscles pushing away conscious contemplation so well that you can truly be said to have learned..."

- Alex cn wright, huh?

Posted at October 14, 2002 02:23 AM
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"Excellent! Ee, Vervein, and The Skyflakes at the Metro! Spread the word! Sprrr-ee-ad I-i-it."