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Boo! Did I scare you? Larry Seltzer finds the horror in XML...


1.) The horror of XML

Sure to start a flamewar, Larry Seltzer wonders aloud about the delicate balance between coding for efficiency and coding for standardization in XML.

"...when is it acceptable to compromise interoperability for efficiency reasons? This happens when programmers rewrite the XML parser (as indeed they can, since there are many open source parsers) to ignore certain standard aspects of the language, thereby speeding up the parsing process.

Even scarier is the emerging practice of rewriting parsers not to require valid XML, such as not requiring end tags. Scary!"

2.) Witchery
Everyone's a witch..
"Flirting is pure witchery when it works. In just a glance, a thing almost embarrassing in its intimacy can pass between strangers. Something from that other world where everything is known must live inside the eyes."
again, from "Notes On Love And Courage" by Hugh Prather.

CRRAACK! What was that sound? I'm going outside to find out, alone, at midnight, wearing nearly nothing, leaving my friends with a hearty "Let's split up! I'll be right ...back..."

Posted at October 31, 2002 08:55 AM
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