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In really, really local election news...

In really, really local election news...

Pulling ahead in a closely run race, my uncle Rick has a new job for the next two years as he was elected Mayor of North Bend, Oregon yesterday.

"Hizzonah Rick Wetherell." Democracy rocks.

My dad, if he should so choose, has the wonderful opportunity to play "Billy" to his brother's "Jimmy". Dad...c'mon: you brew a beer and in a twist of genealogy maybe I'll play the outspoken agitator "Amy". Or maybe my sister'll do that.

The lowdown:

LEE GOLDER 561 20.48
RICK WETHERELL 1,091 39.83
JOHN BRIGGS 644 23.51
TIMM SLATER 440 16.06
WRITE-IN 3 0.11

I mean...that's a mandate, people!

Posted at November 6, 2002 05:01 PM
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