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Moby + hotel room = Classic musician's complaint

One often unrecogzined difficulty* of being a pop musician: The Wait.

The Wait happens when you get to a venue/city/festival. You check-in/soundcheck or whatever else is required for the process of Geting Ready.

Then you Wait.

Typically, for indie bands, this means getting to a club anywhere from 3pm-7pm and waiting until you go on several hours later. Sometimes you eat. Or play video games. If you play often in bars, you might drink. The more addicitively-prone start Using. And, often, this is the time where they Score.

Some artists take advantage of this time to commit suicide. And some of the Users may overdose during this, their Regularly Scheduled Programming. Brad Nowell, lead singer of Sublime, for example.

If you survived the daytime Wait, you're not quite through. After you finish playing, your charged endorphins will reward you with a celebratory sleepless night. And then you have to Wait for them to get tired.

Here, Rich Hall shows us the fraying, common thread: Since, Moby is a little bored today.

Common thread, that is, if you happen to have a laptop with you in your hotel-based tour.

*Easier than running a tree saw eight hours a day.

Posted at January 13, 2003 03:34 PM