Making stuff as a founder of Avocado. Former music-maker. Tuna melt advocate. Started Google Reader. (But smarter people made it great.)

(I don't mind working so hard.)

1000000000x1000000000 / 75yrs.
(I don't mind working so hard.)

Mr. Escalante raises his hand sheepishly: "I could do more."

Are you unemployed? A web developer? I know of 2 full-time positions for web application UI guru types. Know what document.getElementById is? Know the difference between the include directive and include action in JSP and when to use them? Used MSXML in ASP? Written, from end-to-end, an application using PHP and PostgreSQL? Know what happens when a user agent is in "quirks" mode? Know the method for hiding a CSS statement from IE 5 for the Mac? Know what I mean when I talk about the ternary operator in Java?

Then why not write me and try your hand? (This message is going out to my friends who develop, too.) Would really prefer Bay Area residents. Located in Point Richmond, CA.

I also know of 6 contract positions with a little credit card company whose name starts with the letter "V". Four to six months of work. Two years or more of Java development required.

Posted at January 18, 2003 02:20 PM
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