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Profiles! Small boat. Many passengers.

Just did a quick tour through Blogger Profiles. There's more international presence that I would've guessed. Here's a small sampling. (Broken links are now fixed, thanks Bay. -cw)

Bloggers from United Arab Emirates
  1. Ali Atlasi
  2. Mohammed Abu Faisal Abedin
  3. hal
  4. Al Mulhama, The Inspired (her
  5. Imran Khan
  6. Gary ONeill
  7. sina najafi 2001
  8. Water-rose
  9. Jacob Joseph

Bloggers from Costa Rica
  1. VinDemon
  2. Galopante
  3. alf ac
  4. Andres Molina
  5. analu
  6. Mario Vega Alfaro
  7. nat kat
  8. Vannesa Arias.
  9. Jörn Malek
  10. insan_biasa

Bloggers from Indonesia
  1. Rainne Symphony
  2. Andhika Purbo
  3. munadi munadi
  4. steven anggrek
  5. Richie Adiyat
  6. novita utami
  7. adamsyah haryo saksono
  8. stanley-O
  9. aypink lie
  10. grazie

Bloggers from Ireland
  1. Fence
  2. Linus Ingoldsby
  3. Bonglord
  4. barrydublin
  5. Nåµght¥ Юåg¤ñf£¥
  6. Esc From Paradise
  7. Anthony Finucane
  8. Gambl0r
  9. Ronan
  10. christopher grant

Bloggers from Thailand
  1. Isriya Paireepairit
  2. โก้เมล่าคุง
  3. Adipa Ch.
  4. baystar_one
  5. Naris NariTa
  6. phongphan
  7. Astra Da Wizard
  8. *ashley
  9. Worawut Gedviriyachod
  10. Enda Nasution
posted at May 12, 2004, 5:22 PM


  • At 5:18 AM, Anonymous said…

    Thank you,

    you have put a smile on my day, I feel priviliged to be acknowledged as such by a person that I haven't had the pleasure of knowing.

    Al Mulhama, The Inspired

  • At 3:37 AM, richoz said…

    thanks for including me
    into the boat

  • At 8:04 AM, Mario Vega said…

    Hi from Costa Rica..

    Thanks for visit me too...

    Here in Costa Rica, every day there are more bloggers!!!


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