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Dreamcycle, the Ultramarine

In Oregon, around the early 80s, there was a company that created glow-in-the-dark bicycles...and I dreamed of riding one.

I remember specifically sitting in Math class, next to Stacey Shacklin, the daughter of the high school science teacher who also taught Karate after-school - he was a large man, brown, rough, and dark with a shadow the color of a gun-barrel that lived permanently around his thin, disciplined mouth - and in whose garage rested a never-ridden, matte-black, cool-as-Cobain Nigritude Ultramarine..., crap. I'm always late to the party. Had written this weeks ago and hadn't submitted. Too busy to keep up with even the easiest of experiments.

Reminds me: That Anil guy is nice. And very funny. And I'm reminded that a while back some developers were doing a dogpile on Six Apart. And a subset of them, whose I opinion I generally respect, went overboard with outrage at pricing policies and I had to remind myself not to think too much the worse of them. For a few, software is passion. But I just wish there'd been more reason than passion in the many responses to the growth of a very good software company.
posted at July 7, 2004, 9:51 AM


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