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The Scribes and The Wheelbarrow

The KRON van waits for us.
The most interesting thing, as usual, are the glyphs I'm staring at right now.

The code and the ideas and the challenge of extracting value from this impressively massive, distributed network are aspects so compelling that the other stuff that has people sitting in vans and trucks outside seems so very far away.

But outside of Google, journalists are parked and waiting. From a distance, they appear genial and relaxed - attempting to make exciting the business of reporting on what is, basically, a financial-interest kind of story.

Some of us casually brainstormed how to make it more interesting... should we go outside wearing T-shirts saying "Will Increase Shareholder Value For Food"? My favorite suggestion was for us to buy a few wheelbarrows and stuff some burlap sacks upon which we'd paint big dollar signs then wheel them out to our cars. Inside...little sandwiches we could give to the reporters. It's hot out there today in Mountain View.

We're only silly to a point. We laughed at ourselves and turned around. I have bugs to fix and features to write. And I'm grateful for them. Much more than that other thing.
posted at July 26, 2004, 2:10 PM


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