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Squexing and Lists of Links

Once again, David Chess writes a post that'll go in my list of all-time favorites. He start off doing the list-linky fun that we all do and then he asks the really important question: Can an omnipotent being squex a badger?
If an omnipotent being can strofey nahpo cwaffa cwaffa, or can squex a badger, all sorts of difficult questions pop up.
Go read it. It's great.

Which reminds me ... a problem I have with some link lists and link blogs is that they often don't include summaries which include the bits that would attract me and sometimes don't include summaries at all. But if I'd just looked at David's title (which is "Wednesday, July 14, 2004") I'd have missed the good stuff. Additionally, had he titled it "Gay Marriage Amendment Defeated and other interesting bits" I would've missed the neat musing on what could outline the boundaries of omnipotence. But summary inclusion doesn't completely solve my problem, since a summary that was just a snippet of the paragraphs outside of the omnipotence bit would've missed that stuff as well. What I'm saying is that there's a whole class of web content sets that I enjoy which do not employ a discrete 1:1 subject-to-post ratio and bare collections of links don't really represent that. I'm not sure what a good solution to that problem is, however, though I know I haven't seen it yet.

I wish I knew of a company that was good at indexing and searching things and knew how to deal with blogs since I guess I just want some boss-bomb blog search. Get cracking, people!


Right. That's the thing about working at Google -- now when I complain about stuff on the web ... it usually means I have to help fix it. :)
posted at July 15, 2004, 10:09 AM


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