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The Sun Never Sets In L.A.

Touring right now with our indie-pop band, Dealership. And the easy part is now officially over.

Meaning: good crowds, safe places, support and short drives. Those are firmly rear-view-mirror scenes now ... soundtracks fading with a sad Doppler-like drop-off.

What's standing out so far:

-- Hint Hint is great, they wooed /wow-ed the crowd and Pitchfork couldn't have been further off their game in their ridiculous review. 'Course it looks like their breaking up (according to their singer) which is too bad. I suspect the album won't leave my playlist shuffle for some time.

-- Cex is a manic ball of fun. He rocks the mic and is fire and motion. A must-see, people.

-- During "Green" while in San Diego, I stripped the bolt that held together my bass drum pedal in the middle of the song. It held until the coda, where I smashed down with enough force to shear the thing completely. Chris G. and Jane went to a shop later to get me another while I worked on matters Googly.

Touring is fun and hard. In San Diego I was reminded of why I search to stay so busy while traveling, hanging out with part of the crew for Cex a woman was describing a struggle against idleness while driving. And it occurred to me in a way I hadn't articulated before: Boredom is low-level trauma.

At least for some. Certainly for me. Prison has always frightened the crap out of me - the enforced boredom would be wildly punitive.

So, a to-do list for the drummer of Dealership now looks like:
  1. Don't go to prison.
  2. Tighten the bolt on the bass drum pedal.
And, thus armed, forward we boldly go. Toward places with night skies of hues darker than the faded-newspaper-print that rings Los Angeles. On to Tucson!

posted at August 18, 2004, 1:59 PM


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