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Dealership stopped by Washington D.C. to play last night. Unexpectedly, D.C. has been personally revealing. In a really nice way. Good to see Karen, fellow programmer and ex-girlfriend, again. We've had a benign, fun, and friendly rivalry that, I'm surprised to find, I've been steadily losing this whole time. Oh, but now I'm back in it. :)

It was also good to finally meet Phil Moore who's known about Dealership from way back - designed some IM buddy icons for us. In the not-a-surprise-at-all department: He's also a nerd/programmer. His band, Spudnick crafts excellent pop songs.

The picture is from the restroom of the Velvet Lounge in D.C. It has (to-date) my favorite wraparound wall mural. If I had time, I'd make a website that would catalogue interesting public restroom murals and have a photo tour of pictures of each titled "Mixing Business with Pleasure. Or Vice Versa."

Each day and night on tour, I work. Early this morning, I co-ordinated with my intern, Pete, to do something nice that we could do quickly. We checked in some code which manages and exports actual HTML and XHTML DOCTYPES to the main Google code branch. (Finally!)

(I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Pete for his hard work on many projects. He is as brilliant a programmer as he is devilish a pirate. Thank you, sir.)

Brought a tear to this developer's eye. I love incremental, sound progress. Sexy!
posted at August 26, 2004, 8:03 AM


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