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Today Being Tomorrow

I'm a bit of a reluctant tourist. I enjoy the work I do, the music I'm lucky enough to perform and create and I live in San Francisco, which is an endlessly entertaining city.

Nonetheless, I find myself here in Hong Kong International Airport en route to Vietnam and, it's to be hoped, that my narrower points of experience will be broadened.

My first bit of adjustment. It's Tuesday. Today has advanced beyond its normal increment.

*looks around*

Hm. It actually feels like a Tuesday. I'll be damned.

Neat things:
The second we step outside after trasferring to the Hanoi airport, I imagine my perspective and reaction will be very different ... culture shock to follow. See you all soon.*

*Unless, I am sold into slavery, as my gf has suggested may occur if I raise my pinky finger to a male barista. Is that true? I know so little ...

posted at September 6, 2004, 4:05 PM


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