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From the TV to the Keyboard

Last night: Typing, typing, typing. Refactor. Test. Typing, typing, typing.

Last night, later: Eat snack. Return to desk. Type, type, type.

Still later that night the re-creation of an interview with a NASA engineer played in the background via a scene from "From the Earth to the Moon".
[On creating an inertial guidance system for Apollo 7]

Josh Molina
"You can't just throttle up, point the nose of your aircraft and head that-a-way - you know, you can't -

"But Apollo 7's not going to the moon."

Josh Molina
"NO. No, no it's not. What we're doing is we're shaking all the little bugs out of the system. They'll be taking fixes on various stars and continents uh, we'll get a chance to see if the, uh, computers can identify them and see if they can navigate with them."

"Sounds like a big job."

Josh Molina
(slightly aghast) "Uh, big job? It's an enormous job - maybe an impossible job. (matter-of-factly) Gotta be successful though or we're never leaving the earth's orbit."

And after? This, late last night: Type, type, test, refactor, Josh Molina perfect nerd, type, type, this will leave orbit, compile, build, type, type...
posted at December 14, 2004, 7:43 AM


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    Tonight: drinking, drinking, drinking. smoking. drinking, drinking, typing.

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