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What a nice time I get to have sometimes. I don't often get to be involved in videos that destroy a car for music's sake or intimately dramatic gay film shorts whose soundtrack I scored. But I guess not-often is, this week, commonplace.

That Koxvold (director of the music video) brutha is the real deal. It was worth the cold, rain, and missed work. (here's a Flickr set from the shoot) You should see the video just for the amazing in-air rollover and subsequent torture of a mid-model Cadillac. It's still hard to believe it landed upright. And I should mention that if you like the bkg music then I hope you might be curious enough to see our band playing at the Great American Music Hall this Saturday where I think we'll try to play the video live as well. Maybe just moments before we play, mimicking similar (but probably more professional) live efforts by Fischerspooner, Radiohead, or, er, Sparks.

So, 'bout movie news... Tim and Robby were nice enough to hold a screening last weekend of The Point of Boxes and now that I've seen real, live audiences at a couple of small films I've scored I've become just accustomed enough to it to move some of this guessed/presumed knowledge of an apprenticing contributor-at-screenings closer to being actual applied knowledge. Ain't that fancy? It's all obvious stuff to people who do this often, but mainly:

- Sit in the back of your own screening, so's you can watch the people and they's reactions.

- Wrap parties can be nice places to get re-inspired via other artists about the next work or idea.

So ... this soundtrack-making gig? That's a sweet deal - I could do that full time and be pretty happy about it.

Current gigs aren't exactly shabby though, I should note.
posted at August 18, 2005, 10:42 PM


  • At 1:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey Chris, is it possible I could get the code to make my own elvish names generator? There is another one besides yours that is awful and I don't ever touch it. Yours, however, is **awesome**. I really desperately need a good elvish name generator for my book I am writing. If you see this, please respond, I will give you my email address so you can contact me... thanks!

  • At 11:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'm sure you will find the star trek series a bountiful harvest of races in need of name generators

    Vulcans and Klingons come to mind but beware... there is a huge Klingon language following that will insist you do your homework but i think it would be worth your while since there IS such a following

    also, Worf's full name is 5 or 6 words that I'm not trekie enough to remember (a lot of of the family of stuff and I think warior honors are also included making it even longer)
    but this gives you a chance to expand your algorhythm to include more letters and expanding the name base (first and last letters limits you to 676 names)

    and to the anonymous who wanted a copy of the code I say NO... if he needs a generator then he should write his own(it is a simple thing to make up a number between 1 and 676 from a 2D26)... what he actually is asking for is the data denerated by all that research you put in to getting all those names and the time you spent typing them into the computer

    if all he really wants are a few names to use in a book(Gone with the Wind and War and Peace didn't have much more than a couple dozen names each) then he can type in names from the phone book into your web generator.(if he needs more than two dozen he won't get published) You show me a book with a hundred named characters and I'll show you a book too boring to read and too long to remember the plot... that centenial series of books(from pre reveloution to well past cival wars end) probably didn't have 70 developed characters in the entire series and they spanned, what, seven or eight generations

    but if he wants the whole database then make him pay to cover your time spent and then some(plus residuals from future sales of whatever he really has in mind to use it in)


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