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Leave the office to beat the drum

So in a couple of hours I gotta drive up the 101 and leave our nice Oktoberfest Zeigeist thing to make some noise at Mezzanine tonight in downtown San Francisco. It's a free show (rare for us) and I hear that Minipop is fantastic so if you want to see some nice indie stuff, c'mon out. (See also the listing.)

Speaking of the zeitgeist, I keep an eye on mentions out there that "welcome our new Google overlords". Of the ones currently available through various searches, I definitely have a favorite. (That's where the included logo comes from.)
"One day, maybe not too far off into the future, it will come to be known that the masters behind Google are actually aliens who have been using the search engine and all of its shadowy programs to learn about the Earth and its inhabitants. And then we're screwed."
posted at October 26, 2005, 1:54 PM


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