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I think Halloween is one of America's finest traditions. It's a tacky, camp pastiche Day of the Dead, an superego-is-barred romp that I'd enjoy in more frequent visits, semi-annually would be fine. To the powers that decide matters: I think we're missing a fine opportunity, a different and more seasonal take by not having one near the spring solstice.

In preperation for tonight I begin the day with head bowed in silent appreciation of costumes to come, certain of their place in house parties and street corners throughout. En salutation:
  • I salute the two friends going as Katrina and Wilma.
  • I salute all of the Alis G.
  • I salute the millions who have, in haste, thrown a sheet over their head.
  • I salute the many college revelers whose only nod to the event is a pair of horns to their occasionally-used graduation-era pinstripes and cocktail dresses.
  • I salute, despite its poor taste, you the mobile breast exam. Though I'd prefer you were less drunk and didn't try to fit your boxy-ass head on the dance floor.
  • I salute the bravery of all the Adams and Eves ...
  • ... who are actually wear fig-leaf-couture.
  • I salute the husband who came in drag.
  • I salute the Evil Anakin who kissed him.
  • I salute the mask-wearers, the store-boughts, the prop-holders, the makeup-onlys, the accurate-uniformers, the Britneys-pregnant, the undead in all flavors-
  • -and the beauty of pretending you're pretending.
posted at October 31, 2005, 10:41 AM


  • At 11:49 AM, Anonymous Simon Willison said…

    I had my halloween fun on Saturday. I think we did pretty well considering we only had a couple of hours to get a costume together (for a space alien themed party).

  • At 5:06 AM, Blogger holojojo said…

    And then you always get the added piquancy of stumbling onto Fundamentalists of any persuasion whatsoever who go on about glorifying Satan and actually mean "Thou Shalt Not Enjoy Thyselves In Any Way Whatsoever".
    This year I stuffed my 4-year-old with Coke (a-Cola, I hasten to add) and let her eat as many crappy sweeties as poss, and subtly prompted her (there's a trick to this, you pick them up by their ankles and swing twice....)to be sick on the foormats of people who hid behind their couches and pretended to be out/asleep/dead.
    I find you can have exponentially more fun as a "responsible adult" than you can as a kid.......because you have kids to blame it on!!!!!


    Idril Arnatuile


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