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Another peek through Colbert's 4th wall.

Stephen Colbert's unabashed delight at being zinged by his guest last night is pure magic to watch as he breaks character, smiles genuinely, and pats (pats!) the table.
Stephen: There's a saying in poker that, uh, you look around the table and spot the mark-

Annie: Yes.

Stephen: -if you can't spot him...(hangs)

Annie: You're it.

Stephen: Right.

Annie: Correct.

Stephen: (waves inclusively) Who's the mark here?

Annie: Wait, are we playing Dungeons and Dragons or poker?

Stephen: ...

Stephen: (smiles)
Nerd. Another highlight for me, though smaller, is Comedy Central bleeping "shit" though it is nearly inaudible, a whisper. And I definitely enjoyed (the word fits in part but fails to encompass my reaction) the double-dimensioned wag of the finger to my employer.

On a lighter, comedic note: I'm a fan of The Report's Formidable Opponent segment, particularly its debut sketch on charity. I could watch it again and again and again and since the Central is apparently run by lawyer-exacerbating geeks, we all can. (Windows Media) "Ok. Car. Boat. A lot to think about."
posted at January 31, 2006, 2:18 AM


  • At 11:11 AM, Blogger Alper said…

    Oh, my favourite is the THREATDOWN. Nothing like a good bear scare to get the week started.

  • At 6:59 AM, Anonymous Marcel said…

    I love the report and enjoyed Colbert's genuine reaction in that piece, but English not being my native tongue, I didn't get the joke at all.

    What's a "mark" in this context and what is it in D&D? Can anybody explain this to me? TIA


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