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Email belatedly.

I've been experiencing a similar email condition to my co-worker, Matt Cutts which is to say the holidays provided little respite to work or communication and, again like Matt, I'm also receiving an impressive number of non-Googler emails which require preperation and care and a response if I'm not to feel like a dark-hearted ass.

I started on a campaign to work through these. In November I had ~21,000 legitimate unread emails. I'm now down to ~6,000. I'm starting to respond to messages as old as last fall.

If you get this kind of email from me, please accept my apologies for the delay. I find it's sometimes to fun to receive these as if they were ocean-faring messages in a bottle, a snapshot of an earlier era. A wonderful, digital tintype.

Um, yeah, how's that sound?
posted at January 17, 2006, 11:48 AM


  • At 11:33 PM, Blogger Jason Goldman said…

    Um ... who are you again? The guy who used to run this site didn't post to it much.

    Write me back, k?

  • At 9:42 AM, Blogger Graham said…

    Isn't it great how modern technology makes communication virtually instantaneous? I love it!


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