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Imaginary conversation with ABC

ABC is broadcasting live from Google today. (Link will probably only be active for a short time.) The following conversation with them is completely imaginary. Never happened. But I had a daydream that it did.

ABC: So, do you like working here?

Me: Yes, the best part is getting to investigate a world of information. Ask questions.

ABC: Really, asking questions?

Me: Um-hm. Questions seem, on average, more powerful than answers. Questions are rudders, fathoms deep. For example: Why didn't ABC try to keep Anderson Cooper? He was kind of perfect for anchor jobs, did ABC not care or were they too cheap? Also, when you have meetings with Disney how intense is the pressure to prevent news that's critical of Disney's offering cheaply and poorly made direct-to-home-sales sequels of their best properties? Lastly, how is the purported sale of Pixar affecting the mood of ABC employees who really could've used that money to improve their own lives?

ABC: (smiling broadly) Yes. That's certainly something. Thanks for talking with u-

Me: Doesn't it seem like unanswerable and unanswered questions have always helped shape our lives, our societies, and our souls? Isn't every search a question?

ABC: Ooookay, let's get back to Bob. To sum up: Googlers? Weird.
posted at January 20, 2006, 11:59 AM


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