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I think you're probably less funny than Aziz Ansari.

Aziz Ansari is bored. He's a comedian working in NYC who's been a commentator on VH1's The Best Week Ever and has worked with the Upright Citizens Brigade and you might've seen him in Shutterbugs or the Shittiest Mixtape Boombox Blast. Oh man, I dig his funny. And because the following is a totally awesome way to convey the quality of a comedian I've included the two following punclines from his recent Premium Blend appearance:
I'm sorry but that's not the first animal you jump to when you're writing that analogy.

Four beats a day for two summers.
See. Awesome.

Anyone have a clip? At the time I'm writing this, the Comedy Central video hasn't yet been uploaded yet. It's well worth seeing. The only downside is now that Aziz has appeared on Premium Blend part of his payoff for Scenario #2 from his M.I.A. story has been invalidated. DAMN. Also: you gotta watch that story. Especially if you're a Mac user. It's great stuff. And if you haven't gotten to the line "Today's remaining showtimes are.." you didn't watch far enough, I think.

"I submitted it to Gawker and everything..."

Pop quiz: What kind of fighting style is being used in the teaser trailer for Illusionators?
posted at February 03, 2006, 7:13 PM


  • At 12:50 PM, Blogger Lgolos said…

    Let's see YOU try and make four beats a day for two summers.


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