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Mob mash

Happily, trailers on cable remain interesting. In a rare moment when Cinemax isn't showing soft-core they aired a trailer for mob movies that included the following fun juxtaposition: a scene with James Gandolfini as a gangster in True Romance and another with Michael Imperioli in Goodfellas cut in a way to suggest that Tony Soprano was shooting Christopher Moltisanti.

Not as difficult to discern lineage as an IFC trailer but cute nonetheless. And yes, inside basebell is one of my favorite sports.

* Weird footnote: Both James Gandolfini and Anthony Hopkins are set to play Hemingway soon. Hollywood loves to make actors nervous about their craft and competitive comparisons. See also: Catherine Keener and Sandra Bullock playing Harper Lee.
posted at February 18, 2006, 6:29 PM


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