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Pizza and You: The Hidden Dangers

The ACLU, cribbing Reefer Madness a little, has a short film (flash required) on the perils of small businesses tailoring their service based on personal data.

The concern for consolidation of information is legitimate but having chosen a pizza parlor as their example makes for one unimpressive boogeyman. :) Immediately I thought of some backseat script doctoring. Some faceless corp with a name like GloboMergerChem? That would've been better. Or...or!...I would've chosen a hospital where a routine doctor's examination for my son or daughter and the filling out of the insurance form leads to an examination of my unhealthy web surfing habits and little Madison not getting to have her heart operation 'cause I caused unnecessary risk.

On the other side: The old sushi place around the corner eventually knew my order. Saved us all time. This stopped, though, and I think it's because one person stopped working there or changed shifts. Would've been nice to have that order saved. Also: whenever they were missing some dish I wanted they recommended something they thought I'd like. I always liked it.
posted at February 01, 2006, 9:52 AM


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