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Film School's stuff was stolen.

Just after their show at The Fire (a Philadephia dive bar) the San Francisco based band Film School parked their van behind the security gate, went to their rooms and slept.

In the morning, no van. Broken security gate. They have no instruments anymore.

Perhaps The Fire is cursed as a venue, I was mugged just before playing a show there. Damn. Film School are good friend of ours. Despite what everyone says I say theft isn't as cool as we've been led to believe by movies.

Well... unless the thief is Edward Norton in The Score or Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. Audrey is included because she stole America's heart!

(Deny it, I dare you.)

They're excellent artists and, like most, they aren't rich and now they're forced to cancel dates on their first tour after being signed. That's pretty bad news. I highly recommend checking them out and, if you like 'em, buying their album to help offset the loss.

Any advocacy for artists reminds me that Film School's current predicament beats dying, watching a loved one die, giving up political freedom, suffering from manic depression, or fighting an unjust war. But it's not as good as watching your child in a happy moment, holding a loved one, or successfully fighting injustice.

So, on balance, I give it a 3. (Out of 10.)

Here's a quick open letter to Philadelphia and the east coast: please return their stuff.
posted at March 09, 2006, 11:31 AM


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