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A thanks for the care package.

Great presents! From earlier, Brian Greene's book The Fabric of the Cosmos and more recently the documentary The Aristocrats. (Wikipedia has a, ahem, nice example of the joke. Don't click if you prefer to avoid vulgarity.)

Thanks Dad, Mom, Sis, Brad, Charlie, Kemp, et al. Very sweet - it's awe-inspiring to me that families (at their best) reinforce a palpable sense of interconnectedness - institutional, deep acknowledgement of self by others that's a sort of social magic.

I'm trying to work it out so that I'm watching the Sarah Silverman segment while simultaneously reading about M-theory.
posted at March 27, 2006, 3:25 PM


  • At 12:08 PM, Anonymous chuck said…

    Be careful what you wish for ... or acknowledge. I just watched author interview on TODAY SHOW and seems a likely Chris and Mai read. Turdukin for Easter dinner with toys for 'Baby' and Extreme baby jumper for Kemp that is worthy of AFV segment. Of course you and Mai are welcome.


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