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"...a doctor's clinic or ward is not always the best place for observing disease - at least, not for observing a disorder which, if organic in origin, is expressed in impulse, imitation, impersonation, reaction, interaction, raised to an extreme and almost incredible degree. The clinic, the laboratory ... they are for a systematic and scientific neurology, reduced to fixed tests and tasks, not for an open, naturalistic neurology. For this one must see [someone] unselfconscious, unobserved, in the real world, wholly given over to the spur and play of every impulse, and one must oneself, the observer, be unobserved...

'Street-neurology', indeed, has respectable antecedants..."

-Oliver Sacks, author of the story that was the basis for the movie Awakenings, from his book The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat.

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