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Joanna "Isis" Cameron's Likeness reads from Notes On Love and Courage.
Joanna "Isis" Cameron's Likeness is today reading from "Notes On Love And Courage" by Hugh Prather Copyright © 1977 It's my father's copy.

Which I will return
When we can manage
To see each other again.
Maybe Thanksgiving?

BILL: Isis! The force field - you couldn't have passed through, could you?

ISIS: "Last night Rusty pointed out a waitress who was taking orders at the next table. He said that four years ago she was married, had a fourteen-year-old daughter, and was the school system's consultant on dyslexia... She and her husband were having a drink in a bar in Aransas Pass. Her husband went to the rest room and while he was gone a man at the other end of the bar said, 'Hi. Would you like to come with me to Mexico?'

On the spot she walked out.

She lived with the man for three years in Guatemala. Even more unexpected than the story was the reaction at our table. We were all staring at the woman as if she were a heroine. A time comes when you need to clean house. No, you need to go even further, you need to burn the house down with yourself inside it. Then you must walk from the fire and say, I have no name."

BILL: Well, I'll be!... Nothing can stop you, Isis!

ISIS: "The erotic receives its force not just from acres of flesh and the sheer weight of bodies, but from the cutting silver of subtleties: acts begun and not completed, silences created, words withheld, rhyhm building upon rhythm, startling instrusions, tenderness, and overwhelming waves of peace. For such magic one must first remove one's head."
Posted at October 23, 2002 03:44 AM
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