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Wish list, reluctantly.

I've never been comfortable with making a wish list for presents. Hubristic? Presumptuous? Well, I recognize that's hardly fair and that my reaction says more about me than people who use 'em.

Perhaps it's because I never had an item worthy of the "wish" part. Like a really big-ticket item. Like the following - my first entry into a wish list:

1., $5,475,000 USD

For a 5+ million dollar San Francisco Victorian encompassing 22 rooms on four floors, a home theatre, a gallery space, outdoor terraces on all levels, a custom cedar sauna, a 3 car garage, and a 3000 bottle wine cellar with tasting room it's pretty much a steal!

So, um, you can start with that and then I'll add some other items ... like some new earbuds for the iPod or something.
posted at May 29, 2006, 12:14 PM


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    Mom and I called and the Victorian had already sold. Sorry we missed it, you should have said something a little earlier. Package should make mailroom today at the campus; you know, the usual. Aren't you getting a bit old for presents? Do I here ticking in the background .... remember Grandpa was only 90 and your other Grandpa is only 89 as I speak. Happy birthday Son.
    Mom and dad

  • At 10:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    that's an awesome house. It didn't look like much in the picture but those pictures are just breathtaking.

  • At 10:08 PM, Anonymous kenan banks said…

    May I recommend the Etymotic ER-4Ps.


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