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A Bright, Shining Bike


The upside of lax traffic laws and motor scooter travel in Viet Nam: a good time isn't better had than a sunny day's travel from Hoi An to the East Sea. If you visit here, take the time to go the beach. And take a scooter as the traffic here seems much easier to negotiate than anywhere else we've visited.

Scooters with manual transmission. Love 'em. The weather was perfect. Pedestrians beware! We will race to the South China Sea without regard to your personal safety! Zoom!

Once at the beach, be prepared for the Old Ladies. They wander the beach, occasionally approaching tourists to sell their wares. (Usually fruit and cigarettes.) They sometimes travel in groups and with their Betel-nut-stained teeth, flowing robes, and flesh pressed like rough Corinithian leather they resembled thin, dark birds with sharp conical beaks.

I'm not sure I can be forgiven the metaphor. Perhaps it was due to my taking strong cold medication. There was water in my eyes, and the sea is, like, really salty.

We zoomed back! However, the downside of lax traffic laws ... arg. We would see that later in Sai Gon.
posted at September 14, 2004, 8:30 PM


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